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- CEO [16] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yes, and we're about 2% over the originally initiated -- or originally released development cost, largely driven, I think the largest increase was at Boulder where the large majority of that was owner decisions in terms of material specs and upgrades on long-term asset management decisions. So we do not see the slight uptick in development costs being in any way, shape, or form a diminishment on stabilized targeted yields of that north of 6.5%. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nick Joseph, Citigroup - Analyst [17] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Drew Babin, Robert W. Baird & Company, Inc. - Analyst [21] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I was hoping you could go into a little more detail on the potential opportunities set for private developer quote misses that occurred in the third quarter. Syracuse, that acquisition kind of being one example. How deep is that pool of potential opportunities? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bill Bayless, American Campus Communities, Inc. - CEO [22] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From year to year it varies, and certainly with more people getting into the sector and more development taking place, in follow up to Nick's question being closer to campus, which are usually a little more complex from construction methodologies and things of that nature, I would say over the last three to five years we have seen more misses, and that's good and it's bad. One, it does create opportunities like -- that provide some of the acquisition upside that you have seen in the two acquisitions that we have made. It also can have a negative impact short term in the market when you're bringing in a new asset and people are jaded if the company that missed didn't properly handle that.

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Brown questioned the juror privately on Tuesday and said afterward she found "no basis" for concluding he was biased. But defense lawyers said they were not convinced, and filed a motion on Wednesday calling for a mistrial unless the judge agreed to dismiss the juror in question and restart deliberations with an alternate in his place. The judge agreed to remove the juror on Wednesday, saying she had no recourse despite finding no verified prejudice or wrongdoing. Brown said opening the jury to further interrogation on the matter would have risked undermining the requisite confidentiality of its deliberations. The dismissed juror's history as a BLM employee 20 years ago was first disclosed during jury selection. But neither side made an issue of it then, even though the defendants' antagonism toward the government, particularly the BLM, was at the heart of the case. The defendants contend their seizure of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in eastern Oregon was a legitimate act of civil disobedience protesting control over millions of acres of public land in the West by various federal agencies, including the BLM. The government has accused the leader of the occupation, Ammon Bundy, and his six followers on trial of engaging in a lawless scheme to seize federal property by force during the 41-day ชุดเครื่องนอน สีพิ้น standoff that began in early January. The standoff led to the shooting death of one protester by police and left millions of dollars in damage to the refuge, much of it from bunkers and trenches built by the heavily armed occupiers. The six men and one woman on trial are charged with conspiracy to impede federal officers through intimidation, threats or force, as well as possession of firearms in a federal facility and theft of government property.

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