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Others may go further afield, with lawless Libya already looking like a new base for European militants and the movement likely to go on recruiting over the Internet. "The physical caliphate ... is collapsing but we still have the virtual caliphate and this allows the organization to direct attacks," de Kerchove said. In his post since 2007, the Belgian lawyer said the past two years have seen an "impressive" leap forward in intelligence cooperation among EU states and a tightening of law and practice on Europe's borders in response to the variety of IS attacks that have included mass killings in Paris, Brussels and Nice. "We have nearly fixed most of the loopholes," he said of what Europe could do internally to combat the Islamist militants who pose by far the bulk of violent threats. NEW THREATS The tougher part is now, de Kerchove said, to address root grievances for militants, whether among alienated people at home or angry Sunni Muslims in Iraq and Syria. "The way the fight is developing in Aleppo will have an impact," he said. "The way we will try to address the grievances of the Sunni population both in Iraq and in Syria will have an impact." Inside Europe, he said, "we are doing a lot better". Europol identified immediate threats as similar to recent attacks: groups using automatic rifles and suicide vests packed with home-made TATP explosive, or loners with knives or trucks.

Car rates are rounded to the nearest dollar, per day and valid for pick-up Saturday with returns Monday to the same location. Find the best deals on last-minute.Ge's huge selection of cheap flights. Children under 2 must either sit in laps or in seats. Remember that an airfare is only one part of your journey. If you ever need to talk to a real person about your upcoming trip, we're here to help. If you search for departures midweek and for dates outside of school holidays, you can find cheap flights to the Greek islands, Turkey, mainland Spain and her islands, the Algarve, Malta and Cyprus, as well as on long-haul routes such as to Orlando, in Florida, cheap flights to San Francisco from dallas and the Caribbean. Dial our 247 customer care to talk to our team of travel experts for any queries related to your travel plans, travel books and more. Therefore, rates may change cheapest flights to paris france from kentucky based on availability.