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Women at 'Wonder Woman' screening get tone-deaf gift bags

Women at 'Wonder Woman' screening get tone-deaf gift bags Bags contained cleaning supplies, diet pamphlet It doesn't take much for Trump to block you on Twitter Women who attended a screening of the blockbuster movie "Wonder Woman" were put off to find the gift bags handed out by the theater contained diet pill pamphlets and dish sponges. The Huffington Post reports a Kinepolis theater in Leuven, Belgium missed the mark at its "ladies at the movies" night, where the theater hosts a night to screen movies only to women. The irony of the contents were not lost on several of the women who attended, pointing out that the gifts did not coincide with the theme of female empowerment and the challenging of gender stereotypes. The women took to social media to voice their frustrations. The theater released a statement saying the gifts were not meant to be offensive. "The goodie bags are filled with products we are offered by our sponsors. It's random. So it's possible that there's a sponge in it, กระเป๋าสตางค์ ผู้หญิง ราคาถูก พร้อมส่ง but this was definitely not done on purpose, we don't chose [sic] these products ourselves. It definitely wasn't the intention to appear inconsiderate to women."

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